Episode 37 – Tintin in Tibet by Herge/George Remi

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After a long hiatus, the Phoenix Comics Podcast returns for what will likely be our last episode in this format for a while. We’re working on another comics related podcast project, and we’ll let you know more about that when it gets rolling. For now, enjoy our musings and stories about Tintin in Tibet, and looking at creator rights from that lens.

We talk about some specific pages, page 42 when they first see the yeti.


Snowy’s battle with his internal demon.


Tharkey, Captain Haddock, and Tintin’s changing expressions as they encounter the Yeti.

Yeti page 42

And Page 35, the panorama shot. This is a fairly common device in comics, although often times it’s a fixed shot with people moving across it. In this case it’s the perspective that creates the panorama, effectively communicating the expansiveness of the environment.


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Episode 36 – Pietrolino by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Olivier G. Boiscommun

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Jeff and I delve into another comic with Jodorowsky’s name on the spine. We discuss collaboration and what writer and artist bring to the finished product (specifically from theatre), adaptation, along with our usual diversions along the way.

We talk quite a bit about Blacksad when we’re talking similar books. The art in Blacksad is phenomenal, you can check out some images here.

I’ll post an image of page 86-87 that we talk about at some length when I get a chance, specifically Pietrolinos facial expressions.

We ention Fashion Beast and Anna Mercury as well, two fine Avatar titles.

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Episode 35 – Book Club – Rex Mundi by Arvid Nelson, Eric J, and Juan Ferreyra

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On this episode Jeff and Russell talk about Rex Mundi, the alternate history detective thriller… with a bit of political intrigue thrown in for good measure. It’s ambitious, but we have a few bones to pick with the material, as usual. Check out the official website for previews and more!

The interview Jeff talks about between Kevin Smith and Stan Lee is called “Stan Lee’s Mutants, Monsters & Marvels”

Here’s a great interview with Alex de Campi about her Ashes project.

We talked about Flight of Angels on an unreleased episode. That’s a link to the Amazon page. It’s neat stuff, especially because you get to see how writers effect art (not much!).

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Episode 34 – Book Club – Starstruck by Elaine Lee, Michael Kaluta, Lee Moyer, and Charles Vess

Listen to Episode 34!

On this Episode me and Jeff talk about Starstruck, Elaine Lee and Michael Kaluta’s long running Science Fiction epic. I’ll put some images up when I get a chance!


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Episode 33 – Book Club – Warriors Three by Bill Willingham and Neil Edwards

Listen to Episode 33!

Jeff and Russell talk about Warriors Three by Bill Willingham and Neil Edwards, a four issue miniseries that was originally published in 2010 and collected in Warriors Three: Dog Day Afternoon. We also briefly discuss art lineages, the cult of Bill Willingham, and how this particular book fits into the idea of comics as literature.

I mention Proposition Player, which was previously available as a single volume but is now collected in Bill Willingham’s Bad Doings and Big Ideas Hardcover. You can visit Neil Edwards Blog here.

When we talk about the Woody Allen character beating up Fandril at the end of issue two, here’s the image I was thinking of.

Warriors Woody Allen

Image of the bomb, right out of Kirby.

Warriors Bomb

AIM Yellow Space Suits

Warriors Suits

Train splash page

Warriors Train

Hanging splash page

Warriors Hanging

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Episode 32 – Book Club – Revolver by Matt Kindt

Listen to Episode 32!

Jeff and Russell talk about Revolver by Matt Kindt, a slice-of-life science fiction story published by the Vertigo arm of DC Comics.

We talk about the splash page on “page 12” which is actually page 7 of the story pages. Note the handy page numbers written out as a newspaper ticker tape.

Splash Page Revolver

We also discuss the political cartoon in the eponymous fictional newspaper, and here it is for reference.

Splash Page Revolver

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Episode 31 – Book Club – A Drifting Life by Yoshihiro Tatsumi

Listen to Episode 32!

Me and Jeff talk about A Drifting Life, an 800 plus page autobiographical Manga tome by Yoshihiro Tatsumi, published by Drawn and Quarterly. We also talk about historical context and how that fits in with the idea of relevance.

For a few samples of the artwork, check out the preview available on Drawn and Quarterly.

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