Episode Three: Doctor Thirteen and the Bookscan Numbers

Episode Three has arrived!

Here’s the link to the article by Brian Hibbs that we discuss for the first part of the podcast. Tilting at Windmills is his ongoing series of articles about comic book retailing.

If you want a few more details on the comics crash of the nineties, I recommend Chuck Rozanski’s (owner of Mile High Comics) journal posts that talk about it in detail from the perspective from a comic retailer.

As a quick explanation for those who are confused, Russell wasn’t thinking of Hadrian’s Wall in relation to comics, that’s something else entirely. He was thinking of Triumphal Arches and a whole slew of other monumental architecture that tells a story. Even something like the Narmer Palette or ancient Sumerian military propaganda falls into this category.

We’ve also added an email address if you want to get in touch with us directly: phoenixcomicspodcast@gmail.com. Thanks for listening!

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