Episode 09 – Book Club – M. K. Perker and G. Willow Wilson’s Cairo

Episode 09 – Book Club – Cairo

In this episode we talk about M. K. Perker and G. Willow Wilson’s Cairo. Here are some links to some things we talked about and stuff:

G. Willow Wilson’s autobiography:


Wilson’s amazon page for her first novel Ailif the Unseen, Air, and Mystic.


An awesome blog post about her feminist and religious perspective:


Sheherezade free etext:


Rumi free etext:

Etymology of Jinn or Djinn:


Perker’s pages that Russell and I discuss:

Perker’s tactic of isolating character’s with or without a background:

Satan/Lead singer of Prodigy:

M. K. Perker’s Insomnia Cafe:


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