Episode 11 – Book Club – Invincible Iron Man

Here is the Book Club section of Episode 11.

We spend a lot of time talking about transhumanism but there’s a lot more information out there if you’re interested. That link will take you to the Wikipedia page and you can go from there. I freely admit that most of my ideas about transhumanism have evolved from some weird combination of Neal Stephenson, William Gibson, and Marshall McLuhan, plus tons of other science fiction. Let’s just say I come at the topic from a rather odd angle.

It is kind of weird that we talk about Greg Land disparagingly when talking about tracing and using photo reference, and then downplay Larroca’s use of the same. The difference is that we have plenty of evidence of Larroca’s skill at drawing without photo reference/tracing and scant evidence of Land’s actual abilities.

Let us know what you thought!

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