Episode 13.2 – Book Club – Orc Stain

Listen to us talk about James Stokoe’s wonderful Orc Stain right here!

We talk about some specific pages, but all you really have to know is on James Stokoe’s blog. I recommend taking a look at his work here. It’s really quite amazing.

We also mention Geof Darrow, who doesn’t seem to have a proper webpage. You can read about him on Wikipedia, or check out some of his artwork here. Big Boy and Rusty by him and Miller is pretty awesome, he’s done quite a bit of other work but most of it is pretty difficult to find. He’s also worked on movies, like the fantastic Speed Racer!
(Seriously, the Wachowski’s Speed Racer movie is a masterpiece)

As always: leave us comments or questions and we will address them.

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