Episode 14.1 – Comic Matters – Comic Book Stores

Listen the first part of Episode 14.1 here!

I mention the owner of Mile High Comics, a fellow named Chuck Rozanski, and I talked about some blog posts about retailing. I was specifically thinking of two short articles (here and here) that sort of lay out his views on retailing. He doesn’t specifically describe himself as a comic book high priest, but I think the idea has some merit, and he does see retailers as being integral to the survival of the industry.

I also recall reading the letters section of Matt Fractions amazing Casanova series where he talks about working in a comic store. He sort of saw himself as a somewhat priestly figure, and pointed out  the ease of “hand selling” books (as in handing someone a book and having them buy it on the spot). I had no luck finding a transcript of what I’m talking about, but I’m pretty sure it was in Casanova Avarita #3 if you want to try to find a copy.
The letters section in Avarita are really cool, basically just Fraction talking about the development of Casanova and his career in general.

But I digress.

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