Episode 15 – Book Club – Eternals

We’ve got another Book Club episode coming at you!

The “gun thing” I briefly talk about is Chekhov’s gun.

I’m going to reiterate and say if you haven’t read Sandman you probably should. The first volume is a bit of a slog at some times, but you can start from volume 2 if you want. We also mention Black Orchid and Marvel 1602, also highly recommended, any fine comic book store should carry them, Black Orchid recently getting a rather nice deluxe hardcover from DC.

I think this is a pretty good example of what I was talking about in terms of contrast in Kirby’s work. Given that this is an uncolored page it pops a little more than it would if it was colored, but that’s sort of the point. Romita’s pencils are going to a lot more about line than about shadow. I grabbed the image from expertcomics.com .

I found this image on Tim Townsend’s deviantart page. Kirby’s swathes of shadow certainly aren’t there in any sort of volume, although Townsend does indicate that he would have used more shadow if he’d had his way. Maybe Romita is being very conscious of what elements he wants of Kirbys art. Either way, it’s interesting stuff. In some ways I see Mike Mignola’s style to be much more reminiscent of Kirby’s stuff than Romita. The way Mignola uses shadows is just amazing.

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