Episode 16.2 – Book Club – New Frontier

Sorry about the delay. We’ve been busy. Here’s Episode 16.2, hopefully it’s worth the wait!

We talk briefly about Ben Saunders excellent book: Do the Gods Wear Capes. I misspoke and called it Why the Gods Wear Capes, so uh… look for the correct title so you can read it, because it’s awesome.

Obviously the oil company statement doesn’t apply to all oil companies. But I think it would be hard to argue that some oil companies (and many companies, not just those in the resource extraction business) have done some very morally reprehensible things.

We talk about the “cave scene” for a little bit:

From the first chapter of New Frontier. We talk quite a bit about composition and shadows, and this is just a fantastic example of how Darwyn Cooke achieves these effects. Note how effectively Dave Stewart’s colors saturate the entire scene.

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