From the Vault Episode 3 – Comic Matters – Comic Canon

Welcome to another edition of From the Vault. Jeff and I discuss the idea of canon within comics. This episode was recorded on April 11th 2012.

Jeff mentions The Western Canon by Harold Blum. I haven’t read it, but it sounds like it offers an in depth examination of this very issue from the point of view of western literature.

The best list of the Eisner awards is unsurprisingly on Wikipedia.

For attempts by journalists to create a canon I would recommend:

1. The list of best comics curated by the Hooded Utilitarian. I think this is the most recent attempt to aggregate a comics canon and I believe it’s fairly representative.

2. A slightly older but still relevant list is the list created by The Comics Journal which can be found yet again, on Wikipedia.

3. Paul Gravett’s monster of a book 1001 Comics you Must Read Before you Die, a collection of articles edited by Gravett about an extremely wide variety of comics from every imaginable comics subculture.

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