From the Vault Episode 4 – Comic Matters – San Diego Comic Con and Chris Roberson

We’ll have a new Book Club episode discussing Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder up on Friday, but first, an Episode from the Vault.

This is sort of a time sensitive episode, given that it’s mostly about announcements at San Diego Comic Con 2012. There’s still a number of predictions and many things that haven’t yet come out yet. This episode was recorded on July 14th 2012.

One of the first things we talk about is the purchase of Nerdist Industries, which Jeff speaks highly of. Check them out!

We also discuss Fashion Beast by Alan Moore and Facundo Percio. Percio did art for Anna Mercury with Warren Ellis, which is excellent. We did discuss Anna Mercury but the episode is still waiting to be released.

For more on the Django Unchained comic, click here for a short CBR article on it.

Here’s a recap of the Roberson/DC story from Digital Spy.

Check out Monkeybrain Comics!

We talk about Masks by Chris Roberson and Alex Ross for a little bit.

We briefly mention Memorial, and we have an unreleased episode about it as well. Stay tuned!

I mention Fablescon. It is still happening, and it looks awesome.
Check it out here.

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