Episode 23 – Book Club – Hellblazer vol. 1 by Jamie Delano and John Ridgway

Click here to listen to Episode 23.

On this episode me and Jeff discuss Hellblazer volume one by Jamie Delano and John Ridgway. We talk about the historical context you need to understand the origins of this particular collection, as well as our usual musings on color, art, and general tone.

Jeff mentions what he saw as a disconnect between the covers by Dave McKean and the interior art. Quite the juxtaposition.


Here’s the one Vietnam page we talk a bit about, specifically regarding color. I think you’ll agree it’s somewhat dated but also effective.


We also talk about the coloring of Nergal and him being almost pink.


Here’s a page by Mike Dringenberg from Sandman. You can see similar shading to what Ridgway is doing, although with quite a bit less busy line work.

All images copyright DC/Vertigo comics as well as their authors: John Ridgeway, Jamie Delano, Mike Dringenberg, Malcom Jones III, and Neil Gaiman. Sandman image from The Captain’s JLA Blog http://league.jmkprime.org/reviews/justice-league-dark-9/dreamstone/

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