Episode 24 – Book Club – Old City Blues by Giannis Milonogiannis

Click here to listen to Episode 24!

All of the material we talk about today is available online. It doesn’t take long to read, so take a moment to read it and then have a listen to what we think about it.

A quick correction: Giannis Milonogiannis was the artist on issues 27-31 of Prophet, so he wasn’t the first artist on the relaunch spearheaded by Brandon Graham. That honor goes to Simon Roy.

I mention Paris Soirees by Philippe Petit-Roulet and Francois Avril, as well as Shaun Tan’s The Arrival, both amazing examples of purely visual storytelling. Obviously you can talk about this being a much older form, as medieval tapestries or stained-glass windows work on a similar sort of principle.

Now, some pictures:

Page 2 – The Splosh:


Page 9 – The Hayashi lettering. Confusing?

Page 9 Hayashi

Page 35 – SDX or SOX?

Page 35 SOX

Page 93 – Bullshit:

Page 93

Page 27 – Check out those legs!

Page 27 perspective

Page 23 – Light Sources:

Page 23 The blinds and light source

All images copyright Giannis Milonogiannis.

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