From the Vault Episode 7 – Book Club – Elektra Assassin

Set the Wayback Machine for July 7 2012, and listen to Russell and Jeff talk about Elektra Assassin by Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz.

This is truly a collaboration between two creators at the peak of their powers, and the level of craft apparent in this book is staggering. We barely scratch the surface of what is being done here. For a more in depth discussion I highly recommend the transcript of Matt Seneca and Sean Witzke’s deconstruction.

Page 13, “The Sensei,” possibly one of my favorite single panels in any comic. I think part of it is how it marks a complete stylistic shift from the rest of the page, but even taken alone it’s quite striking.


This isn’t a scene of defenestration (although there are a couple of those), I chose page 15 of issue 5 because it makes the idea of shifting style so evident. You’ve got just the blue pencil people falling out of the helicopter, an almost photo-realistic closeup on Chastity, a hyper stylized helicopter battle and a dark, rather sketch like interior of said helicopter all sharing the same page.

Elektra Assassin issue5page 15

This is the cover to the trade paperback, I love the colors and composition here.


All images copyright Marvel Comics, art by Bill Sienkiewicz.

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