From the Vault Episode 9 – Book Club – Memorial

Listen to From the Vault Episode 9!

On this Episode we discuss Memorial by Chris Roberson and Rich Ellis, published by IDW. A Mythic Fiction comic for all ages, it’s thoroughly enjoyable with few flaws. This episode was recorded on August 8th 2012.

I mention Starstruck by Elaine Lee with art by Michael Kaluta (who does the covers for Memorial) at some point. We’re sure to talk about it eventually so get ahead of the game and go out and grab yourself a copy! You seriously cannot go wrong with Mike Carey’s favorite comic.

Jeff also mentions The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, you can check out the Wikipedia link for more information.

Here’s the cover for issue 5 by Michael Kaluta. The keyhole motif is a recurring theme for the covers, the snake and apple are obviously biblical themes the Roberson is using in his version of original sin.

Memorial 6 Kaluta Cover

Here’s the final page of issue 1. Em pretty obviously has a shadow.

Issue 1 Page 22

First image by Michael Kaluta, second image by Rich Ellis, written by Chris Roberson, published by IDW. All images copyright Chris Roberson, Rich Ellis, and IDW.

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