Episode 28 – Book Club – Superman Earth One

Listen to Episode 28!

Me and Jeff talk about Superman Earth One by J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis. Our assessment of this particular work is quite harsh, our final judgement is that you probably shouldn’t go out of your way to read it. We talk about why this book didn’t work for us and the conditions that allowed this book to not only be published but to even be quite popular.

We mention It’s a Bird by Steven T. Seagle, art by  Teddy Kristiansen. It’s worth a look if you get a chance.

I decided to cut about five minutes that we spend talking about the “definitive” Superman story. If you’re interested in listening to those five extra minutes, click here!

This was the one example of copy pasting that we found. It does make some sense in context and isn’t completely blatant, obviously he did have to create the background.


Holy crap, it’s an evil mime blowing Superman away with his chest or something!


I’m not exactly sure, but I feel like Superman’s proportions aren’t quite human… I guess he is an alien.


The flash doesn’t really help, but the lighting just seems weird here.


All images by Shane Davis, written by J. Michael Straczynski, copyright and published by DC Comics.

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