Episode 30 – Book Club – Hawkeye 1-5 by Matt Fraction, David Aja, and Javier Pulido

Listen to Episode 30!

Jeff and Russell talk about the first five issues of the newest incarnation of Marvel’s Hawkeye, written by Matt Fraction with art by David Aja and Javier Pulido. We talk a bit about covers and how much control creators have over “B-list” vs. “A-list” characters, as well as other diversions.

I did want to mention that we are horribly butchering the pronunciation of “Aja” It should be something like A-ha… not Aya, but oh well. Hopefully you will forgive us. Maybe Jeff thought he was Scandinavian…

We again mention Do the Gods Wear Capes. If you haven’t read it I highly recommend you do so.

Before we get to some images I just want to mention that starting now I will be trying to post updates every two weeks. I was crazy busy the last couple months and wasn’t able to edit anything, hopefully things have settled down enough so that I can keep to a somewhat reduced schedule. This will probably not matter to most of you, but if there is anyone who is “caught up” for now you will be waiting a little longer for new episodes to go up.

I mention I really like the cover for Issue 2:


The “Really?” scene, Issue 3 page 12:


KGlass! Issue 5 Page 13:


Issue 3, page 17:


The “technical term” that I couldn’t think of for comic book symbols denoting profanity is gralix (or gralixes). The term was created by Mort Walker and you can read more about that (and more crazy words for comic book “shorthand”) here.

All images copyright Marvel Comics. First, second, and fourth images art by David Aja, third image art by Javier Pulido. Scripts by Matt Fraction, colours by Matt Hollingsworth.

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