Episode 37 – Tintin in Tibet by Herge/George Remi

Listen to Episode 37

After a long hiatus, the Phoenix Comics Podcast returns for what will likely be our last episode in this format for a while. We’re working on another comics related podcast project, and we’ll let you know more about that when it gets rolling. For now, enjoy our musings and stories about Tintin in Tibet, and looking at creator rights from that lens.

We talk about some specific pages, page 42 when they first see the yeti.


Snowy’s battle with his internal demon.


Tharkey, Captain Haddock, and Tintin’s changing expressions as they encounter the Yeti.

Yeti page 42

And Page 35, the panorama shot. This is a fairly common device in comics, although often times it’s a fixed shot with people moving across it. In this case it’s the perspective that creates the panorama, effectively communicating the expansiveness of the environment.


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